At Butterfly Baby Company, our goal is to provide two different lines of wraps that are able to meet the needs of many baby wearers - our Budget Line and our Signature Line. Through my babywearing journey, I have fallen in love with easy to find, readily available wraps; the gateway wraps for many new babywearers. Then, much to my husband’s dismay, I fell in love with the highly sought after market of wraps. The online releases that give you a rush just to “cart” a wrap. So, at Butterfly Baby, we decided to offer a Budget Line of wraps with the quality and beauty of the high quality, highly sought after wraps at a budget price. We also offer a Signature Line of wraps in unique and beautiful designs and blends, in very small quantities.

Budget Line – Our Budget Line wraps are 100% cotton and average 24-25 inches in width post wash. They range in price from $90-$120 depending on size. Budget Line wraps do not come with a Signature Butterfly Baby Tote or Bag. Although these wraps are considered Budget Line, our vision for color and unique warps shine through. Budget Line wraps are suitable for newborns through toddlers and require little breaking in.

Signature Line – Our Signature Line wraps are wider and come with a signature tote, bag or scarf. They come in a of a variety of fibers – cotton, linen, wool, tencel. They range in width between 27 and 30 inches (depending on design) post wash. They are limited releases (of usually less than two dozen) and will not be rewoven.

Wrap Conversions - Our wrap conversions are all CPSIA compliant and converted by our sister company; Shiny Star Designs. They are all made in NC by a work at home mom. These wrap conversions include ring slings, full buckles, and soon to be mei tais and onbuhimos all made from our Signature and Budget lines. 

Cabana Under the Sun Blue from our Budget Line

The Gatsby Collection from our Signature Line

Shiny Star Designs wrap conversion buckle made with Cabana Under the Sun blue.