At Butterfly Baby Company our mission is to create beautiful, made in the USA, jacquard woven baby wraps.  Butterfly Baby aims to create jacquard woven wraps that are unique from other machine woven wraps on the market.  We incorporate gradual color warps and a variety of interesting designs with high quality fibers that allow most of our wraps to require little to no breaking in - creating wraps that are fashionable, yet functionable.  We have a very close relationship with our mill, that extends even prior to our business partnership with them.  This allows us to work closely with them to create truly unique wraps. We are committed to keeping all of our manufacturing in the USA, and try our hardest to contract work at home mothers as our seamstresses.  Our Signature Line of wraps are hand cut by my mother (Donna) and father (Terry), and sewn by a team of seamstresses, including a few work at home moms and veterans!  Butterfly Baby Company is a family business, owned and run by my myself, my husband, my mother and father. Of course my children play a role in keeping us motivated as well!    

Babywearing has played so many roles in my life as a mother.  It has allowed me to work from home, keep up with my house during the hectic life of a military spouse, move and travel all over the world, offer my kids sick cuddles when they are under the weather, comfort them when they need comforted, and most importantly to simply keep them close; the list goes on.  I have become so passionate about babywearing that I wanted to find a way to share it with everyone.  And so began this wonderful journey.

Warmest Regards,

Madison Mawson xx