Babywearing Safety

Always be sure to inspect your wrap for wear and tear before each use. Stop using immediately if you notice any damage.

Always use common sense when wearing your baby.  Your baby’s safety is your responsibility, and Butterfly Baby Company is not liable for any accidents or injuries caused by the misuse of our products.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable wearing your baby, or you feel weak or unable to wear your baby safely, do not do so.

Your baby’s face should be visible and high enough to kiss at all times.

Constantly monitor your baby’s position, breathing and well being and look for any signs of discomfort or distress.

When wearing your baby, it is most important to be sure your baby’s airway is open and not obstructed and that your baby is able to breathe fresh air.  When your baby is being worn, be sure baby’s chin is not tucked against baby’s chest as this can restrict your baby’s airway.

When your baby is wrapped, be sure that baby is supported at all times, including baby’s hips, back, neck, and head.  To do this, always wear baby facing in towards you on your front, as you would carry baby in your arms.  NEVER cover your baby’s face.

Never do any activity while babywearing that you wouldn’t do while carrying your baby in your arms.  Never wear your baby while riding your bike, running, climbing, horseback riding, riding a ATV or motor bike, or driving in a motor vehicle.  Never wear your baby while participating in high risk activities.  Do not wear your baby during activities that increase your risk of falling, such as but not limited, to ice skating or hiking rough terrain.

Always tie your wrap with a secure double knot.

Do not leave your wrap with your child to play with or sleep with unsupervised.

Be aware of your baby’s body temperature.  Your baby may become warm due to the fabric and your body heat.  Be sure to always monitor your baby’s body temperature.

If your baby was born with a low birth weight or any medical condition, consult a doctor before use.


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